TOP 10 amusement parks in France

Published On: 11-10-2019

Amusement Parks

In the Parisian suburbs their are amusement parks for all family ! You have choice with many types of parks : theme parks, recreation parks, animal parks, rides, thrills, slides, thrilling rides, roller coaster trains.

All amusement parks provide incredible memories when we are thinking about the falls, small trains, carousels, rides wish provide adrenaline and the good times.

The most famous amusement parks un France are Disneyland Paris, Disney Studios, le Parc Asterix, La Mer de Sable, le jardin d’acclimatation, Koesio, Walibi, The Futuroscope and Parc du Puy De Fou.

Disneyland Paris Marne la Vallée is the most magical recretion park, the amusement park for week ends or birthdays, group trips, school holidays or just have a wonderful day, the park opens its doors for millions visitors and is open all year. Their are many univers like Far West reminding westerns, games for children, pirates and many shows.

The Parc Asterix is a theme park with many rides too. Their are many thrilling rides outside, playgrounds, new rides, and rides with loops.

Their are also rare shows with dolphins, see lions, the all in a menhir worl. You may be lucky to meet Asterix, Obelix are Gauls.


  • Animal parks

The « jardin d’acclimatation » is a zoo with rides in Paris. For children and adults you will see farms and monkeys.

  • Parcourt parks

Koesio is the park for adventurers. Their are tree climbing, zip lines, riddles, labyrinths, escapes games at meters high.

  • Naturals parsk

We also find beautifuls parks like Vulcania, St Ours and Waligator to see volcanoes, nature, safaris and to appreciate long walks.

  • Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds are also nice amusement parks in France in which their are many unforgettables rides, labyrinths, trampolines, playgrounds, rides with loops, slides and big wheels.

The showmen walcome many visitors too during all the year and also offer night openings.