How to travel safety ?

Published On: 24-04-2020

How to prepare your journey safely?


To choose the destination of your journey it is advise to choose a destination without any risk such as the XO Hotel Paris located in the 17th district of Paris neat the Champs Elysees.

Also choose carefully your means of transportation, the quantity of your luggage and good reflexes to have.


Do subscribe to travel insurance and check your vaccinations.


How to choose your means of transportation?


Whether it is for long journeys, to travel around the world, travel with your dog, to travel as a couple or for a business trip it is important to choose carefully your means of transportation.

By car, by plane, or even with a bike or on a boat remember to make your reservations in advance thus avoiding last minute and do not hesitate to ask for advice to shape your project while respecting your budget.


We strongly advice you to book directly on the Xo Hotel Paris’ website. We will offer you the best rate at the best conditions. You may book a flexible book and an insurance.

Make sure to travel serenely or make your road trip by checking with the XO Hotel Paris staff.

We will be delighted to inform you all the transportations from the airports and trans stations to the hotel.


The hotel is easy to acces from airport Charles de Gaulle, airport Orly or all stations such as La Gare de Lyon, La Gare du Nord, la Gare Montparnasse and others by public transports or by booking a driver in advance.



Rules to follow


For all the journeys and especially during extortionary circumstances be sure to have the good reflexes hereunder your will find a check list.


Make sure to prepare your journey by preparing your itinerary you can also contact our team at the XO Hotel Paris to help you and to make your travel easier use if you can use a back pack or bags.


To organize your journey do not forget to take your identity card or your passport, checking expiry date and a health insurance in case of repatriation and a travel insurance.


Also check your bank card limit and if it is necessary or not to have an international driving licence and a visa alloying you to travel.


Dipending on your destination country please contact the embassies should you need expatriation.


Check your glasses, respect local customs, take photocopies of your identity papers and do not forget your credit cards and a little local cash but do not carry too much.


It is strongly advise to avoide taking valuables and to travel light as much as you can. Please note that all the room off the hotel are equipped with safe so that you can leave your personal belongings.


Please make sure to gather all your documentation beforehand and if necessary, travel with a guide like this you will not miss unavoidable sites.


Our reception team will be delighted to inform you on the places and monuments to visit. They will explain how to get there and can book tickets for you.


Paris is a very safe town just be careful of the pick pockets.

It is also important to repect the customs of a country such as tips, cloth and use regulated taxis or others.

Last but not least do not forget your camera !


Whether it is to travel for a long time or not, to go to foreign countries or not.

A successful trip is a carrefuly planed trip to be safe.


Advice to travelers


Do not forget the details such as the stroller for your baby, the cage for your animal, the trailer, the bike rack if you travel by car and have a lot of luggage.


Whether you travel with your children or your pets, as a couple or all by your self you will be sure to travel serenely and comfortably during the trip until you rich your final destination if you have prepared everything in advance.


Just before you leave check you have your plane tickets, luggage, suitcase, itinerary, credit card, safety advice, everything!

Do enjoy your journey safely.